iPhone App Crime Tips

About the Technology
Citizens in Fort Myers can now use their iPhones® and Android™ based smart phones to send anonymous crime tips to the Fort Myers Police Department. For the first time, iPhone® and Android™ phone users can provide anonymous crime fighting tips, including smart phone photographs and video, to the Fort Myers Police Department. The service, called TipSoft, allows citizens to send anonymous tips online using a custom "App" from a mobile phone.

The widespread use of smart phones makes it easy for the public to help law enforcement agencies fight crime. The TipSoft apps allow citizens to feel safe while doing the right thing without ever disclosing their identity.
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About the App
TipSoft allows agencies and members of the public to have a two-way dialog that is completely secure and anonymous. The service specifically allows smart phone users to remain anonymous by encrypting the messages, assigning them a unique alias and ID, and routing them through secure servers, protecting the personal details of the information provider. This app allows you to:
  • Submit images and video
  • Send unlimited messaging length
  • Provide a fully anonymous 2-way dialogue including virtual chat mode when both parties are online
  • Auto-locate the nearest agency