Do the Right Thing

About the Program
The Fort Myers Police Department's Do the Right Thing (DTRT) program has served as a community policing initiative for years. The program works to reward our city’s youth for doing the right thing.

The goal of the program is to recognize good kids for their accomplishments and reinforce their positive behavior to show them they can be role models for other youth. It also helps foster relationships between the police department, school system, and local businesses. This program can enhance the relationship between underprivileged youth and officers.

Winners are chosen for everything from bringing up a grade in school, to volunteering for a good cause, turning in lost money, to saving a life.

Nominate a Child
To nominate a child, fill out the Nomination Form (PDF).
Submit form to FMPD attention: Do the Right Thing, 2210 Widman Way, Fort Myers, FL 33901
For More Information
Business sponsors make the program successful. If you would like to nominate a child or make a donation, please contact Officer Athena Mitchell by email or at 239-321-7700.